How we aim to Handle your Complaints

As we are keen to listen to our customers and to find out what you think about us, this document aims to tell you how to make a complaint and how we will handle it.

We always endeavor to be polite, efficient, and fair when we deal with you. However, if you are somewhat dissatisfied on instances, do tell us, as your comments and feedback, will help us to improve our service further. We are committed to:

  • Putting things right;
  • Unbiased complaint redressal; and;
  • Incorporate the learning’s from our mistakes.

You can write your complaint/grievances to our Centralised Complaint desk.
You can also send us your complaint through our website

Our expert team will require 3 working days for complaint redressal. In case of your complaint requires further investigation, we will keep you posted.

What we need to know

When you are making a complaint, you must provide the following information:

  • Full Name, Registered email id / PAN details.
  • Account details (Client code), if you are an Angel customer.
  • A clear description of the complaint / dispute / issue faced will be highly appreciated for detailed investigation by our expert team.
Write your complaint / grievances at:
Stage 1: Complaint Acknowledgement
Your complaint will be acknowledged by our complaint handling desk on receipt of your complaint.
Stage 2: Analysis & Investigation of complaint
Our complaint handling desk does a thorough analysis & investigation.
Stage 3: Recommendations for complaint resolution.
(wherever applicable)
Stage 4: Final Resolution
Our complaint handling desk notifies your complaint with all facts and findings along with a satisfactory resolution.

E.g.1: If your dispute pertains to trades, please share the Trading dates, Quantity, Stock Exchange, Amount of claim.
E.g.2: If your dispute pertains to our services; please share your concern and feedback with more clarity against the type of services rendered.

* If the complaints/dispute is not redressed by us, the customer may approach to the controlling / external authorities. Investor complaint handling process is available on